Thursday, January 27, 2011

Organization Thursdays: Bedroom Closet Before & After

How are you doing on your organization goals? I'm still decluttering and purging bit by bit, section by section. Yesterday I tackled my bedroom closet.

I spent one hour last night on a quick closet organization. It's not perfect, but it's much better than it was before. All clothing is off the floor (!) and easy to access. I can see all of my shoes. It functions as a closet now!

[Before & After. D'oh, lost my natural light in the second picture. I get home late.]

And because it's easier to keep something clean when it's pretty, I added some color with a rug.

And with some artwork in the top shelf. The three bits of luggage in the closet hold off-season clothing.

 [The shameful mess I removed from the closet floor. Box is full of clothes that need repairs.]

The next task will be to repair a huge box (and bag!) of clothes I can't wear because they need repairs. (Minor things like broken straps, adjustments, fixing tears. With a huge pile of clothes to fix you can see why I'm not buying new clothes this year.)

Organization Thursdays: It's hard to keep motivated during a massive decluttering process. It took us years to accumulate the mess in our homes, so getting rid of unnecessary clutter isn't going to happen overnight. I want Organization Thursdays to motivate us to get that damn clutter under control!

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  1. Love the idea of making your closet pretty to keep it clean. I am such a clutter bug. I do have to say, I recently cleaned & reorganized one of my shelves & it's pretty much stayed that way. :)

  2. I, too, have a basket of things that need repairs. Such minor things that can be fixed and never make it out of that ever growing basket pile. I am going to make this a steps like repairing 2 things a get it under control. Thanks for the motivation.

  3. Love the No body is perfect sign, where did you find that treasure?
    you did a great job organizing
    I have a few clothes I need to patch up a bit and havent either, must though.

  4. ooooh love that "nobody (no body) is perfect" plaque.

    go van! it's inspiring to see these before and afters.

  5. Oops, I forgot to add the link explaining the origin (and my feelings on) the beautiful Weidman postcard:

    I realized the closet is the perfect place for my to display a the "anti-bad-body-image" message!

  6. awesoem Ive been doing my share of re organizing too, my closet still needs some work!

  7. I spy super cute shoes...... pink ones.

    Love the closet :)

  8. Great work! In the next two weeks or so I am going to be going from about 12 liner feet of closet space to about 5. YIKES! I have to get to de-cluttering ASAP! (I also have those same red shoes. Payless, love them!)

  9. FB- the pink boots are my gardening/rainy day boots :)

  10. Blueprint vintage: Those payless shoes have held up for years,and I still get compliments on 'em.

  11. Looking good Van! That reminds me that I need to gather a basket full of clothing that needs little repairs. I always forget this great stash of clothing I have just because it's tucked away and waiting for attention.

  12. Okay, now I need to tackle my closet! I just don't know where to start. I've gotten rid of things I don't like (not necessarily the things I don't use.. haha) But still it's jam packed!

    I need your organizational spirit to come here and slap some senses into me!

  13. I just moved into a new apartment, and I really pared down my wardrobe before I left. I am getting so much glee out of opening my new, perfectly organized closet. It actually makes it a ton easier to put together outfits, too!

  14. The other day I organized myself into a corner. Had to think or rethink my reorganization theory to get out of the room.
    Keep going - you are doing great!

    Love the idea of artwork on the top shelf.

  15. Is there ANYTHING better then an organized closet?? Looks great =)

  16. Organizing your closet can help save space and money at the same time. I think your system can work for me. I will definitely implement this as soon as I move into our purchased New York new homes.

  17. Love the idea of making your closet pretty to keep it clean.

  18. I'm glad you found a quick way to organize your closet! Now the key to success lies on maintenance. I had a hard time keeping my closets organized in our new Manila real estate home. I'm so busy lately that I barely had time for cleaning up.


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