Monday, January 24, 2011

Thrift Share: Aladdin's Magical Lamp

My brother has come to the dark side, he's now a thrifter. He was that guy who couldn't buy anything used. It had to be all new video games, movies, clothes, and electronics. He'd rely on credit if necessary. Slowly but surely, he's realized the virtues of second hand shopping.

This ceramic lamp from Disney's Aladdin was a random thrifted gift from my brother. It brings back memories of our living room in Italy. My (twin) older brothers and I had just finished watching Aladdin. We all looked at each other, then promptly hit rewind on the VHS so we could watch it again. I'll think of that moment every time I admire this lamp at home.

Did you go thrifting this weekend? What did you find? I wasn't feeling to well on Sunday, my new thrifting day. I braved a couple of flea markets before I had to go home (empty handed) to rest.
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  1. I found a really cute sewing kit for $2.50...

    Now I just need to learn how to sew!!!! I love that lamp!

  2. aladdin <3 That sure brings childhood memories! This weekend I went to a swapping event, you'll love the details, I will post them later today :p How big is that lamp? (being curious)

  3. Jessica: You'll get the hang of it now that you have a cute little kit to use.

    Miss Lou: The lamp is about 4.5 - 5 inches long, it looks like an accurate translation of the movie scale.

  4. no thrifting for me this last weekend.
    Dont you wish a geenie really lived in there and you could talk to her/him even if they didnt give you a wish, it would be fun

  5. CRY: Hell yes, I did rub the lamp and wish and Genie would come out. Maybe not Disney's Genie, though.

    Keeping up with him would be exhausting.

  6. I love converting anti-thrifters! Welcome your bother to the club! :)

    Angela @Whatcha Find?

  7. I will rejoice at the moment they make Aladdin in 3D!

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