Monday, January 10, 2011

Thrift Share Monday: Good Books, Good Music, Good Drinks

My hunting wasn't so ambitious this weekend. I walked to one thrift store while my car was in the shop and spent two hours exploring Romona Flea Market (in the bitter Florida cold) only to leave with four records.

I use thermoses like this one to pack delicious home made vegetable soup for lunch (or going out in general, so I'm not tempted to buy fast food). $0.99 was a fair deal for this one, it's so clean and I love the print.

My favorite weekend find was this black "I Love (Heart?) Zombies" coffee mug. This Resident Evil (Games! Not the movies!) nerd does indeed love zombies. Last night I had another dream about the zombie apocalypse...

I paid $1 each for these records at the flea market. More than the $0.25 cents I usually pay at local Goodwills but I love each of these. 'Twas worth it.

These vintage "how to draw" books were recently gifted to me. I'm going to see if they sell in my antique shop booth at $5 each.

I'm a little sad to let these books go, so I thoroughly documented them before I put them up. 

What did you find this weekend?
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  1. Haha, I have that how to draw horses book. I've had a bunch since I was a kid....too funny

  2. Still sounds like a fun weekend. I often walk to our local thrift when I'm trying not to use the car. I found a set of twelve vintage sherbert glasses there recently for $.50 each.

  3. That zombies mug would have been mine! When my daughter visited Haverford, their campus bookstore was selling calendars. One was a famous zombies calendar. I so wanted that! Oh, and love the thermos. My daughter is enamored with the idea of taking soup for lunch in one of those.

  4. Those drawing books should sell quickly. My father has a collection of "how to paint . . ." books, and I absolutely love them.

  5. I love the zombie mug! I would have had to grab it!
    I am a die hard Resident Evil gamer. I haven't seen the movies though, I didn't want them to ruin the game for me!

    I have to say I love the ThriftCore now.


  6. I wish I was in the US, I'd be checking out that fashion drawing book on your booth! I had a pretty good weekends thrifting too actually. ;)

  7. Some nice finds! I like the thermos - have seen that one in red a couple of times at thrifts, but it's always in sad shape so I haven't picked one up yet.

  8. Cristine and Alyssa: Zombie nerds unite! All this die hard zombie nerding has reminded me that my poor Resident Evil site has not been updated in a year, ouch!

    A La Modern: I've had a bit of random luck finding these thermoses in good shape!

  9. Christine: I hold on to my favorite childhood books, too. They are falling apart at the seams!

    A. Edwards: Score! Sounds like an amazing deal!

  10. Oh, I thought you had some great finds! I always snatch up "how to" drawing books when I see them. Excellent! Love the thermos too!
    I found a few fun things this weekend. I'll post hopefully tomorrow!

  11. I am going to check out your spreadsheet. Thank you.
    I wish we had more flea markets around here, but not in January.

    Like you, I love the plaid on the thermos.

  12. i was going to mention the spreadsheet as well...thought it was a nice touch!
    i have some vintage how to draw books that i need to get into my etsy booth.

  13. ack your killing me with your spread sheet I really need to get on it! but since I've bought so little so far I'm not TOO far behind

  14. Hiya! Thanks for stopping by my blog! The tv bookshelves are actually tvs from my childhood, so they're vintage 80's ;] I LOVE the thermos by the way, I have such a crush on them!

  15. I love the thermos, the mug and those vintage books. I've got a soft spot for vintage books. :) Great finds!

  16. I am on the hunt for the perfect thermos like that! Love it!

  17. I totally love your thelmo and mug!

  18. Love the thermos - the print on it is super cute!

  19. So glad to have found your blog...lots of fun finds!

  20. I found 2 refurbished coffee bean bags made into shopping bags! .25 each!

  21. The thermos reminds me of the one I took to school as a kid :)

  22. The zombie mug caught my eye... great find!

  23. Love that Zombies mugs and many of your other finds...

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