Monday, January 17, 2011

The Jackpot of Vintage Treasures

I only thrifted on Sunday this week, but I hit the jack pot! I've never picked up so many vintage items for such low prices in one sitting.

Most of the treasures are from a yard sale. This yard sale was held from Friday to Sunday and I wasn’t able to make it until near the end of Sunday! Can you imagine what treasures were picked before I got there in the last minutes of the busy sale?

Antique Store Booth Update: Most of these items are destined for my antique store booth. I added some more inventory this weekend and learned I sold four items. I haven’t made enough to pay my $37 rent yet, but Southern Crossing Antique Mall gets heavy traffic, and I feel hopeful that I can make a profit there.

[Mint Condition Magazines, $1/Each]

My first Sunday stop was The Bargain House of Fleas. One vendor always has a plethora of mint condition magazines for $1 each no matter the original cost or magazine size. I was on a budget so I resisted two Elle D├ęcor and three Modernism magazines, coming home with the choice four above.

[Sunset Book $0.50, Goldfish Trivet $0.50]

I also found this useful Sunset book with chairs I may make soon and a gorgeous goldfish trivet. I want to paint it a solid primary yellow. What do you think? My roommate begs me to keep its integrity and keep it a metallic shade.

[Retro Owl, $0.50]

This cute owl is designed for my antique shop booth. As I write this I’m using it as a coaster and it’s working beautifully. Maybe I'll put on the tag that it's a two-in-one coaster and wall art!

[TERRA Pyrex Glass Mug and Bowl]

@alamodern of A La Modern/Pyrex Love and Katherine Raz of Backgarage kindly let me know on Twitter that this beautiful set of Pyrex Mugs are in the TERRA pattern. You can buy this same set of mugs from the Backgarage Etsy here.

[Black Mod Trey, $1.00]

I love the shapes on colors on this mod trey. I'm already pondering where I'll put it and how I'll use it if it doesn't sell...

["Retro" Rooster Shot Glasses, $2.00 for the set]

I love the bold Red Rooster here. This has a vintage look so I scooped it up, but  @RavenWren of Mountain Vintage let me know on twitter that this set looks like one from Crate and Barrel! Well, no wonder it's in such good shape!

[Plant Wall Art, $0.25 and Butterfly Wall Art, $0.10,God Bless Art $0.25]

I'm going to clean up all of these small pieces, add some paint, and see if they'll sell. Expect some before/afters soon.

[Rooster Coffee (Tea?) Pot & Oil/Vinegar Set]

I really love this clean black set. This also looks like it’s from the 50s-60s but I can be sure. It has a little damage but I’ll clean it up and sell it or give it to my rooster-collecting mom as a gift.

[Avon Solid Perfume Owl]

The solid perfume in this has to be old, but it still smells good, it reminds me of baby powder. It’s headed for the shop.

[Craig and Johnson, Pathways In Science, copyright 1932]

I have no expertise in the value of books, but I couldn’t resist the beautiful book at a yard sale. I collect excellent science books and this one is not only gorgeous, but full of information.

[Awesome Books, 60s-70s, $0.25 cents each with the exception of two at $1.00 Each]

I might read each of these interesting retro books before putting them in my shop for sale. I regret leaving a Dracula one behind!

[Funny Sign, $0.25]

I just see this hanging nicely in somebody's den...or above their teen's bedroom door. I hope a kitcsh collector finds it and takes it off my hands.

[Decor Book, $0.25 each]

These books have seem better days! The inside illustrations are rather nice, though, so I'm thinking of selling some of the individual pages as fun framed prints.

[Decorating Book, $3.00]

The single most expensive thing from the yard sale! I have a sewing book just like it (Cover is yellow, same great information. Oddly stained and mildewed that same way!) I'll flip through it and maybe share any great tips from it in future posts.

[Vintage Cups $1.00 for set and Cup Stand $0.25]

The seller told me she thinks these cups were her mother's wedding present 40 years ago! I've seen this design around, but I don't have any information on it.

[Japanese Dolls, $1.50 each]

I tried to resist this slightly unnecessary purchase, but this Japanophile thrifter couldn't. $3 is a good deal for two f these pretty ladies.

[Before “Fratire”, 60s and 70s Satire Books]

There two comic filled books are beautiful and hilarious. “How I spent my summer vacation” is my favorite of the lot. It’s filled with comics featuring nude beauties and sexy babes galore. The 12-year-old in me rejoices!

There were a couple more finds we don't have space or time to cover thoroughly, like two fancy yoga mats I bought for my roommate for $2 each and a couple of small pretty things to fill up my booth.

I got a lot of treasure for $23.10 total. I left the house intending to spend only $12, but who could resist so many excellent deals? Next week I may take a break from thrifting so I can give this haul the cleaning, painting, tagging, and attention it deserves.

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The Real Deal and an Apology: I didn't realize until last week that I was calling my posts "Thrift Share Monday" without linking back to Selena's Thrift Share Monday link share on her blog, Apron Thrift Girl. I consider Selena a friend and I’m pretty pissed off at myself for letting this happen.

I devote countless hours and a lot of my weekend to Thrift Core, yet I'm often confused when people compliment me on Thrift Core in public. When they say “I like your website!” I have to scan my brain hard to figure out what they're talking about. I work on Thrift Core extensively, but not exclusively. I work on personal sites, client's sites, and my full time job involves writing for other websites and blogs. Additionally, I can answer hundreds of e-mails in one day. I get loopy. This is why I didn't immediately make the connection between my share posts and Selena's.

Setting The Record Straight: I am never out of ideas, I plan posts months in advance and have so many thoughts to share on this blog's subject. The only thing that holds me back is lack of time. I want everything I write to 100% unique, and I'm dedicated to integrity in blogging. My sincere desire to to share and help anyone who needs it in the only and local community. I really put my all into this, and I hope the passion I pour into my work really shines through.

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  1. hi van, i obviously missed something...

    however, i must say, that is quite the haul! nicely done. i like your spreadsheet idea, too.

  2. I love love love the goldfish trivet (my vote goes to yellow!) and the rooster set. The owl perfume is sooo cute, too!

    I went to my usual thrift shop today and came back with nothing. Well, nothing that was immediately useful to my home or cheap enough. I must scour for more yard sales around these parts!

  3. Ana: Thank you!

    To clarify my confusing paragraph, in a nutshell I'm apologizing for inadvertently plagiarizing Selena's title "Thrift Share Monday" when I used it for my blog posts. 'Twas an embarrassing case of forgetfulness on my part because I put hours into being original!

    Katie: That's two votes for yellow against one! Yay!

  4. What great finds! I really love those vintage cups and stand. The finish on them looks pretty.

  5. WHOA- you struck some serious gold this week!!!!!! I LOVE the terra Pyrex:)

  6. Love what you found and LOVE that your keeping up with putting in your inventory. I desperately need to do this. As soon as I get over the shock of no longer having a job, I'm getting organized! I would have never guessed those cups were Pyrex, huh learn something new everyday!

  7. ah, ok thanks :) i thought you might've been attacked by others for it... i know you're a big supporter of atg so that kind of surprised me.

  8. Wowowowowow what amazing finds! I love that first owl and those decorator books are drool worthy!

  9. Wow, so many nice finds. You had quite a haul!

  10. oh yeah! I vote yellow or a nice stout orange--I never thought of you as plagiarizing ATG I think you are both TOP NOTCH bloggers and great thrifters-both pretty original too--I figured you were calling thrift share because you were linking up to ATG

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. Hiya Van!
    Can we talk about how my eye was drawn straight to the owl wall hanging and how tickled I was when I saw that it's a Great Smoky's item?! I live in the Smokies! Happy heart!

    Amazing finds, I'm inspired to hit a few yard sales myself!
    xo Shannon

  13. Love the Terra Pyrex bowl and mugs! Nice haul indeed!

  14. Agree, agree: Wonderful finds! If I found the goldfish (love it), I'd leave it the way it is, HOWEVER, yellow would look great in your colorful home!

    I love your blog too!

  15. I love it when the thrift gods shine down upon is one of the biggest thrills in life! Good haul

  16. the rooster tea pot reminds me of one I think my great grandmother had its great!

  17. Great Haul! No worries on the name thing. Glad that you are a part of the Thrift Share community Van! It's wonderful to have so many like minded thrifters in this big blogosphere.

  18. Awesome finds! Congratulations on your sales at your booth!

  19. All I can say is, oh my goodness. You have some amazing finds right there! I wish I had that kind of luck when thrifting :)

  20. Love the Terra Pyrex, and the black oil and vinegar/coffee pot set. Good Haul!

  21. i think i may just haven fallen for your displays.... well done on the thrifting too!

  22. You are one thrifty gal. What a treasure trove of items. Wish I could visit your booth!

  23. Arrgh! Why can't I find stuff like that!!! I can't believe how lucky you were!! Those owls are soooo cute! I would just DIE if I found them here for that price!!

  24. I've hit the jackpot with your blog. Sigh. I'm already a fan, and it took less than 30 seconds.

  25. Wow! You really found some good stuff! I know that owls are "trendy" right now, but I actually liked them long before they hit mainstream...I'm loving the ones you found!

  26. Vnn, the two owl treasures are adorable! If I visit the US in the near future I'll be sure to put your antique store booth on my itinerary :)

  27. Sorry Van, it would help if I managed to type your name correctly!

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