Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Thrifted Before and After: DIY Word Stones

 [Bottom left is my roommate mixing cement...with a bowl in his pants. We're silly.]

When I discovered Make Your Own Word Stone kits at a yard sale months ago, I couldn't resist. I'm always entraced by the packaging of these craft kits at stores but never buy them because of the price.

What you'll need: Molds, Lightweight Cement,  Plastic Tub (to mix cement), Cement Dye or Stain (optional), press-in letters, tiles/marbles/glass (optional), cement trowel

  1.  Make sure to protect your work area, this craft is a messy one!
  2.  Mix your cement, follow the instructions but always make sure it's on the dry side.
  3.  Pack the cement into your mold well and use the cement trowel to even out the top.
  4.  Press in your letters, small tiles, glass, and marbles. Write or draw in details.
  5.  Set your stone aside to dry for a couple of days before you put it outside.

"Make Your Own Word Stones" Rating: My craft buddies and I give this kit a C-. The instructions were misleading and unspecific (we had to use more water than what was listed, for example) and the product just didn't come out like we'd hoped. I will continue to use the letters and molds, though.

When the weather warms up, I'd like to use the kit outdoors and use in-between working on the garden to add some kitschy fun to my herb and vegetable beds. I can't wait for Spring!
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  1. oh i can see some nice markers for herbs and veggies! what a cute idea. i think they turned out great, too bad about the bad instructions. but i'm sure you wont need instructions the next time.

  2. They look really rustic despite the low rating from yourselves!!

  3. I agree- seems pretty fun and the cracks and stuff add to the "handmade look". But too bad the instructions were off, hate when that happens!

  4. In my haste writing this I forgot to add two stones broke in half while being removed from the molds and had to be repaired with water and pressure.

    I'm pleased with them and will continue to use the equipment, but I wanted the result to look more like what's on the box. I'm glad I didn't pay the full price for them!

  5. Well hello mister bowl in the pants! Haha!

  6. Amanda: That image was added at his special request! :) He also had to wash that one himself...

  7. how fun are these. thunder what? huh? lol.

  8. I was pondering when someone was going to notice the profane stone! :D

  9. Even the crafts that aren't quite as successful as we hoped can be fun. I'm trying and trying again at image transfers on thrifted plates. Thank goodness I found an inexpensive source for the decal sheets or I'd be burning through my craft dollars.

    Can't wait to see what else you do with the stamps and molds!

  10. I love your blog! I don't know how I hadn't found it sooner! I'm definitely a new follower :) Thanks for the comment on my blog!


  11. These came out great, I think---it's perfectly ok for anything you put out in the garden to look rustic. They do seem like a lot of messy work, though!

  12. Those would make great gifts for your friends and family

  13. CRY: Agreed. The "Pollo Loco" one is a gift for my mom! :)


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