Thursday, January 13, 2011

Thrifter's Decluttering Guide: Closets, Cabinets, and Junk Drawers

One Step at a Time:
Do not empty all cabinets and drawers at once. You will collapse shortly after; decluttering energy spent. Your home will look like Hiroshima after the A-bomb for days. Instead, focus on one section at a time, no matter how long it takes.

Kitchen Cabinets and Drawers

[Cutlery/Tool Drawer: I like to line drawers with cute thrifted tea towels]

  • Daily Use: Store all appliances/tools/cutlery not regularly used in your pantry.
  • Cutlery: I only need 2 forks/spoons in the kitchen. The rest are stored until needed.
  • Kitchen Drawers: Empty them out and only put the items used daily back in.  
  • Cabinets: Cabinets should contain bowls/plates/tools used frequently. 

Closet and Clothing Drawers

[Art Supplies: Vintage suitcase contains sketchbooks & drawing supplies]

  •  Donate what you haven't worn in a year. No excuses.
  •  Remove all off-season clothes from closets and drawers.
  •  Fold off-season clothes and store them in vintage luggage or bags until they're needed.
  •  All "to-be-fixed" clothes goes in a pile by your sewing machine. Schedule time to fix 'em.

The Infamous Junk Drawer

[Toolboxes: Red toolbox for nails, thumbtacks, rubber bands, etc. Blue one for sewing supplies.]

  • Pull valuables, like driver's licenses and wedding rings, out of the drawer.
  • Remove scissors, batteries, thumbtacks, tape and frequently used items.
  • Dump out the rest. Don't look back.
  • You can place frequent-use items back in neatly or store them elsewhere.

Take Your Time
: Clear out your drawers, shelves, cabinets, and closets one by one until each one has been culled of clutter. You probably won't finish in one day, but set your timer and keep moving until you're finally clutter free.

How do you keep Closets, Cabinets, & Drawers clutter-free?
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  1. This is so funny! I'm working on clearing all of my junk drawers for a post at RM. I got through FOUR last night-- how can one person have more than FOUR junk drawers?! Craziness. Good info!

  2. megan: Can't wait to read your tips on ReadyMade! I still have much, MUCH more clutter to cull.

  3. I suck at getting rid of clothes I haven't worn in a year. I always fear I'll buy something perfect to go with it; it's happened before: the frantic digging in drawers, only to recall I donated it, horrible!! Lol

  4. I love that vintage suitcase, Van! I've been trying to find ways to tidy up and keep things better organized. I came across a small, three-drawer Rubbermade tower on wheels where I keep all of my non-paper crafting goods. But that's getting a little tight given all of the fabric, glue, sewing supplies, polyfill, etc. etc. Suitcases aren't a bad least for the fabric crafts! Hmm. Looks like I know what's making it on my thrift list...

  5. I can barely open our kitchen drawers they're so full of crap, I shall use this post as inspiration to get them sorted!

  6. Great tips- I am currently in the middle of a huge decluttering process over here!!!

  7. I've got more than 4 junk drawers! But I have moved from a house with a loft into a small 2 bed flat! With another hoarder!
    I must admit I do feel rather told off reading this - I find it so difficult to declutter - I promise I will try harder.

  8. I sooo need to clean out my catch all drawers in my kitchen. I think I have 3 now! Way too many:) I am pretty good about going through my clothes. It's a great way to justify buying new clothes, "I have nothing to wear!"

  9. Okay, I'll admit it, my closets are most definitely not clutter free! Sigh.... I go through hyper organized periods, but right at the moment, I'm definitely not in one of those. Though your pretty pics have me thinking about a more organized shelf or two! :>

  10. Jackie: My mom gave me a big 5 drawer Rubbermade-on-wheels thing. I'm going to be hard on myself and reduce my crafting stuff until it all fits into that. (I told my friends this and they laughed at me!)

    fidgetrainbowtree: I have to confess I'm a low level hoarder, otherwise it wouldn't be taking my weeks to get my home clutter free. I'm still working at it, too!

  11. it's ongoing isn't it? amazing how quickly stuff piles up.

    that suitcase holding sketchbooks is so nice!

  12. Love your thoughts on this - and photos! It really is a fine line between knowing what to keep and what to trash in some areas. The kitchen and 'junk' drawers (2!) are the first things on my decluttering list for the next few weeks. Thanks for the reminder to tackle one thing at a time. I have a to curb my natural tendency to just jump right in and try to do it all at once.

  13. Ive given away 4 out of 100 things so far, yeah

  14. i love the "family creative workshop" books. we had a set when i was little. i see them every so often when i am thrifting, but i can't rationalize buying them now... they just add more things to my place!

  15. Could you say a little more about lining drawers with cute dish towels? I love this idea! Do you cut them to size...?

  16. Thank you for these organizing tips for cabinets and drawers. If you'll excuse me, I have some de-cluttering to do.

  17. I have created a cabinet out of salvaged wood. It's just a simple cabinet. I just used materials that include plank, nails and screws. I actually had a hard time fixing the screws but I was able to manage putting them. I'm using the cabinet for some of my stuffs.

  18. You've got a wonderful idea in there. The cabinets and drawers are well made. It is a good place indeed to organize different materials. By the way, I can see that your drawer's handle is made up of wood. Maybe you can add a metal hardware as a handle to make it more beautiful. If you think that drilling a hole to make adhere the screws is quite tedious, then you can use liquid nails.

  19. I badly need a decluttering guide. My house specifically my office is a trainwreck - paper clutter everywhere. I really need an organization management.

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