Thursday, January 20, 2011

Organization Thursday: Your Room Needs Art

Many times I've scribed my inexplicable hatred for my bedroom. Now I know why: NO ART.

Hello There by Wilson Hsu on Thumbtack Press

Every other room in my home has a childhood relic, art I've made, or art I've bought for that room. My bedroom has nothing selected specifically for it, the wall art is merely a collection of what doesn't fit in other rooms.

Let the Art Hunt Begin! I'm shopping Etsy, Paper 'N Stitch, Thumbtack Press, and Mod Cloth. I encourage you to go out and support these great art vendors, your favorite artists, and local artists.

Make something. Ask your friends to make something. Make something with your friends.

Make your room your own, add art and give it a soul; and you'll be less apt to let clutter creep in.

Where do you hunt for art?
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  1. If you live near a university or college it's fun to go to senior exhibitions or student art sales... the art is more affordable than in a gallery and you can support a budding artist : )

  2. I have some art from friends and it does give you a weird cheerful feel

  3. Rachel: I forgot about that; beautiful suggestion!

  4. Miss Lou: I need to bribe friends to make some art...

  5. my sister in law I go to and my Fav artists are MIchael Parks and
    I like to go on etsy too.

  6. I find all my art at the local thrift stores-I have one piece that was painted of my house 35 years ago when my parents bought it.

  7. I'm always art-hunting at thrift stores, I've noticed prices have gone up locally. I can order an art print or new original for the same price at times!

  8. Robots + Girls print? Yes please!

    I'm totally with you on the call for art. I get a bit obsessive about it though and want to fill every inch of my walls with it.


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