Friday, January 21, 2011

Thrift Blogs You'll Love: Thrifting Passion

Thrift Blogs You'll Love Friday shares some of the best and most unique Thrift Resources I encounter on the web. The following three blogs have diverse voices and styles, yet they're united by a passion for second hand hunting that shines through in their work.

The blog recommendation comes with an absurd story. It was love at first sight for me and Let's Go Thrifting. I love the design, whimsical finds, and thoughts on thrifting.

Close to Halloween 2010 my best friend Kira (I wrote about her Dad's amazing Philly tomato and weed garden here 3 years ago) sent me an e-mail about how she was shocked to see a link to Thrift Core on her sister's friend's blog, Let's Go Thrifting.

'Twas fate that we should find each other, I say!

And lastly, my personal favorite. Though this photo card looks slightly smudged on the left, this image is priceless. From the New Jersey-inspired overindulgent makeup job to the confrontational crossing of the arms, this granny could kick the shit out of you.
-Let's Go Thrifting

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* * *

The A La Modern shop and blog both showcase an undeniable passion for modern design. A La Modern blog posts are filled with perfectly selected second-hand finds and excellent thrifting and re-selling tips.

Bonus: The photos are gorgeous! Please write us some photography tips!

If you have a sweet tooth for cute vintage treasures, check out the A La Modern Etsy shop. Another website by A La Modern is Pyrex Love. I love the handy Pyrex Pattern Guide.

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 * * * 

Stan of The Elegant Thrifter always surprises me with his affectionate words on second hand items, generosity, and overwhelming creativity. You won't regret following his blog or purchasing his book, The Find.

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  1. I love all these blogs! The big eyed children painting actually really made me laugh out loud! I must be honest A LA Modern is my fave, I think they are trying really hard to teach others what they know and they REALLY know there modern glass and pottery!

  2. These are really good reads! I love Hooch Bag idea :D

  3. Katie: Me too, admire that lovely tag with his contact information too. Excellent branding AND a fun 2nd hand gift.

    Dhamma: I love Jackie's posts from the creepy side of thrifting, thrift stores are so full of horrors; I love it for that!

  4. Van, you're the best! Thanks for the kind words and support. You too, Dhamma! I have to get on the ball and post regularly. Just between the day job, freelance writing gigs and some inconvenient health complications, some things get put on the back burner.

    Btw, how hilarious is it that we both know Kira!? The world's a crazy place! I'm just so glad to find kindred thrifters out there that enjoy reading about all of our crazy finds!

  5. Great guide to some great blogs! Thank you!!

    Angela @Whatcha Find?

  6. How have I missed this thread on your blog? I really am in a slump.
    Please keep it going.

  7. great ideas I used some and they were a big hit.. Awesome turn out.. I love great finds and I am sure all you moms would agree. I recently found a online kids thrift store.. No shipping charges In USA called it's great. Again thanks for the idea and keep them coming!

  8. Was fun to come across Thrift Core. Am always so interested in finding new blogs to follow. My daughter and I recently started a thrifting blog too. Hope that you will check it out. Here is the URL:

    Happy Holidays and Happy Thrifting! Julie


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